Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find exactly what I'm looking for on your website, what can I do now?

Call us on (07) 3801 3366 and we can help. We have access to dozens of ranges, and will discuss your requirements and then source an alternative item from another catalogue.

Can I visit your showroom?

Yes, we welcome customers to come to us to discuss their requirements. Please contact one of our Sales Team to make a suitable time, our showroom is open during the following hours: Monday ‐ Thursday 8:00am ‐ 4:30pm Friday 8:00am ‐ 2:00pm

Can a representative visit me?

Yes. Our head office is based in Brisbane and our Sales Team visits customers throughout South East Queensland as required. We also call on customers throughout Central Queensland, North Queensland, and New South Wales on a regular basis. For customers outside of these areas we can assist you via phone and email and, should the need arise, we would arrange a personal visit.

Can you send me a catalogue?

We are currently in the middle of updating all of our catalogues. Once they are completed we can happily send you a catalogue showcasing our entire range.

How does sublimation printing work?

Sublimation is a form of digital printing that allows any design to be printed on the fabric, that can be made into any suitable garment. All sublimated fabrics begin white and colour is added during the dye print process. The process begins by printing the dye onto a transfer paper, which is then taken through a heat press to permanently bond the dye with the fabric, resulting in a vibrant, sharp and colour-fast product.

Can I have embroidery or printing added to garments I order?

Yes, most items and garments can have branding. Some restrictions to apply to branding options, our Sales Team can advise you further.

How should I order from Toughster?

Please email or fax your orders containing the following details to ensure that your order is promptly processed and made correctly: - our item # - description - quantity per size - requested delivery date - your purchase order # - date - any special requests or comments Please use our codes when ordering, eliminating the risk of processing the wrong item. We will confirm receipt of your order by email. If you do not hear from us, please contact us to ensure that we have received your order.

Where do you manufacture garments?

Toughster manufactures the majority of its garments in China. Toughster China office QC (quality control) staff regularly visit suppliers, and follow a strict quality control program to ensure that products are manufactured/purchased according to ethical standards. Toughster complies with a strict code of processes and standards as per the Queensland Department of Education and Training SOA 101124.

Does Toughster guarantee the quality of its products?

Yes. Our garments are supplied to you with a 12 month warranty. The clothing warranty covers defect of workmanship and materials, but DOES NOT cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and material through time, exposure or extensive use.

How do I deal with faulty items from Toughster?

Contact us. Our professional staff will also require you to email us a photo/s showing the fault, or you can post the item to us. We also require you to email us: 1) Student name 2) Item/size/qty 3) How garment was washed 4) Date manufacture (from label under main neck label) Expect a confirmation response within 2 working days of confirming receipt of your email. Repairs are completed in 2-3 working days (after receiving faulty items). Replacements are pending availability of stock. Credit notes are issued within 5 working days of our confirmation response.

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